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Income Tax Form 16 Calculator for Government Employees

2016-17 Financial Year / 2017-18 Assesment Year

Simple Income Tax Form 16 Calculator for Government Employees

(Certificate u/s 203 of the Income Tax Act 1961 for Tax Deducted at Source on Salary)
Details of Salary Paid & Other Income and Tax Deducted Amount (in Rs.)
1 Gross Salary
2 Less:Allowance to the extent exempt u/s 10
3 Balance (1-2)
4 Deduction:
(a)Entertainment Allowance
(b)Tax on Employment
5 Aggregate of 4 (a) & (b)
6 Income chargeable under the Head Salaries (3-5)
7 Add:Other Income reported by the Employee
(a) Income/Loss from House Property
(b)Income from other sources
8 Gross Total Income (6+7)
9 Deductions Under Chapter VI-A(80C, 80CCC & 80CCD) (Max.1,50,000)
Tuition Fees
HBA Principal
Pension Fund
IDBI/ICICI/Other Savings
Contribution to DCPS
Medical Insurance
Physically Handicapped Relif
10 Aggregate of Deductable Amount Chapter VI-A
11 Total Taxable Income (8-10)
10% ()
20% ()
30% ()
12 Tax on Total Income
13 Rebate U/C 87A
14 Net Taxable Income
15 Surcharge
16 Educational Cess 3%
17 Tax Payable

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